The current core of the company business is flood protection: the company specialises in the manufacture of mobile flood barriers, development of flood protection planning documents and creation of integral flood protection systems.

Metalworking is not only part of the mobile flood barrier manufacturing programme, but also an independent branch for custom manufacturing (single product units as well as batch production).

Other VOP Dolní Bousov products and services are partly based on the activities of its predecessor – a military enterprise, and primarily include repair and service of power generators and manufacture of hedgehog type tank/traffic barriers.
  • Flood protection

    Flood protection

    The company's flood protection section develops designs and builds technical preventive systems aimed to mitigate the impacts of floods on buildings, other structures and land areas. This includes, among other things, preparation of flood protection planning documents.
  • Metalworking / machining

    Metalworking / machining

    Metalworking and custom manufacturing constitute an integral part of VOP's manufacturing programme. Our shops manufacture single pieces as well as batch products according to customer orders.
  • Power generators

    Power generators

    We service and repair (including major overhaul and in-depth technical inspections) the majority of power generators. We cooperate with exclusive KIPOR product importers regarding power generator distribution and sale.
  • Hedgehog type tank/traffic barriers

    Hedgehog type tank/traffic barriers

    One area of VOP's activities, closely related to cooperation with the Czech Army and Czech Police, is the development and manufacture of hedgehog traffic and tank barriers, which together form an explosion-proof barrier system.

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